Dropzone Reviews

• Thank you Dropzone! My son loved his party. You went out of your way to make it perfect for him. Your staff were also so helpful. Totally recommend for all age children. THANK YOU.
L Boyes, Review April 2, 2017


• I went there today for the first time and my child love’s it, also people who work there have been nice and friendly and ready to help and give you all information we needed.
Bojana Andjelic, Review March 4, 2017


• Just 1 hour on the trampolines and it feels like a full workout.
Carl Frisby, Review February 22, 2017


• Great fun and exercise for grandson, a nice rest and cuppa for Nan and Grandad.
Valerie Mond, Review February 16, 2017



Meet our Manager

This month our social team chatted to Angie, one of Dropzone’s lovely Managers, to get the low down on what it is like to be part of the Dropzone team! 

1. Tell us how Dropzone started…

My family and I saw an episode of the ‘Kardashians’ where they were at a trampoline park in the US – it looked like such good fun! Over there trampoline parks have been popular for a long time, so we did some research and after that we were itching to get one started in the UK.


2. What is your role?

General Manager. I make sure everything runs smoothly and our customers are all smiles – this is my main priority.


3. What are you favourite and most challenging parts of the job?

I love the challenge of making sure our customers and staff are happy, even when we are super busy. I especially enjoy Toddlezone and our Sunday morning SEN sessions – not just because they are brilliant for the children who attend but also because you get to see parents really let their hair down and join in on the trampolining! There is also a lovely welcoming feel to these sessions; parents have the chance to meet and chat to each other(s) parents.


4. Do you ever have a bounce after hours?

No, unfortunately not! I’m far too tired after a hard days work and always rushing home to look after my family.


5. What’s the best feedback you hear from the children and parents of Dropzone?

We love hearing people’s reaction to Dropzone being a family business – this often surprises them but I think makes them feel more comfortable too, as they realise Dropzone has grown from strong family values and love. We are real people who work hard to keep Dropzone wonderful. It is also really lovely hearing customers say how friendly our staff are. We have a brilliant team here and it’s good to know our customers feel the same about them as we do! People always give positive feedback on the food and cleanliness too which is great as I take extra pride in ensuring these areas are up to scratch!


6. How do you respond to negative reviews and complaints?

They are not always easy to hear and sometimes completely unfounded and irrational, but we take each complaint seriously and always strive to improve our business. We are realistic and understand we won’t please everyone, after all, perfect would be impossible, but we always make sure we do our best.


7. Tell us about some exciting things coming up at Dropzone.

We are planning on introducing another weekend Toddlezone soon – so look out for updates on this. And we have also been discussing the idea of introducing some exciting new equipment into Dropzone – so again, look out for future announcements of this!


Our reward for your award!

We hope you all had a fantastically festive Christmas filled with turkey and tinsel! We love the wintery magic of Christmas and the excitement it brings so we do understand that it can be a bit sad when it’s all over and you go back to school. So to prolong the happy cheer and get you working super hard at school we are giving away a free bounce to some of you if you receive a “star-pupil” (or similar) award this month.

What could be more motivating than the chance of a free bounce to kick off the New Year?! So pledge your New Year resolutions right now, get your head down at school, work hard and stay on your best behaviour. Your aim is to shine above your classmates and work towards a “star-pupil” certificate.

Mums – when all the hard work pays off, post a picture of the award (you can, of course, include your star child in the picture too!) on our Facebook page and we’ll be in touch if you have won this special prize of a free bounce. We are only giving this away to the first 30 who post their award so don’t delay! Let’s reward your stars for their star award!



Dear toddlers and pre-schoolers,

We have a real treat for you! Come down to Dropzone on a school day to discover an exciting, colourful, world to climb, crawl, jump and explore in! And whats more…you get the place to yourselves!

Our toddler Soft Play area is especially designed so you can play without fear of getting squashed by bigger kids! You can even invite the grown ups to play with you…if they promise to behave themselves!

Complete with squishy stuff, obstacles, slides and a ballpark, Dropzone’s Soft Play is a curiosity satisfying, multi sensory wonderland! And for our little walkers we have another surprise! We run Toddlezone sessions where we encourage boisterous bouncing on our trampolines as well!

So here’s what you tell the grown ups…. The Soft Play and Toddlezone sessions at Dropzone are fun, safe and stimulating, a place to be active and meet new friends….Oh and make sure you tell them they can their all important caffeine fix in the Cafe.

The grown-up stuff: Soft Play Under 1 years: Free 1 – 3 years: £4:50 Monday – Friday up to 4.00pm, term time only
Toddlezone Monday & Wedesday 10.00am £9.00 for 1hr jump and 1hr soft play includes parent/carer


Halloween Clubzone

Join us for our one-off themed party on the 31st October from 6 – 9pm. It is set to leave you shaking in your boots… expect:

• Creepy décor, spider-webs and devils horns!
• Vampire blood-suckers punch
• A Gooey, slimy chocolate fountain
• Ghastly music, by our zombie DJ
• Party lights, disco and devilish dancing on the trampoline court
• Prizes for best dressed boy and girl

Please call Dropzone for tickets / enquiries 01268 522 025