Meet our Manager

This month our social team chatted to Angie, one of Dropzone’s lovely Managers, to get the low down on what it is like to be part of the Dropzone team! 

1. Tell us how Dropzone started…

My family and I saw an episode of the ‘Kardashians’ where they were at a trampoline park in the US – it looked like such good fun! Over there trampoline parks have been popular for a long time, so we did some research and after that we were itching to get one started in the UK.


2. What is your role?

General Manager. I make sure everything runs smoothly and our customers are all smiles – this is my main priority.


3. What are you favourite and most challenging parts of the job?

I love the challenge of making sure our customers and staff are happy, even when we are super busy. I especially enjoy Toddlezone and our Sunday morning SEN sessions – not just because they are brilliant for the children who attend but also because you get to see parents really let their hair down and join in on the trampolining! There is also a lovely welcoming feel to these sessions; parents have the chance to meet and chat to each other(s) parents.


4. Do you ever have a bounce after hours?

No, unfortunately not! I’m far too tired after a hard days work and always rushing home to look after my family.


5. What’s the best feedback you hear from the children and parents of Dropzone?

We love hearing people’s reaction to Dropzone being a family business – this often surprises them but I think makes them feel more comfortable too, as they realise Dropzone has grown from strong family values and love. We are real people who work hard to keep Dropzone wonderful. It is also really lovely hearing customers say how friendly our staff are. We have a brilliant team here and it’s good to know our customers feel the same about them as we do! People always give positive feedback on the food and cleanliness too which is great as I take extra pride in ensuring these areas are up to scratch!


6. How do you respond to negative reviews and complaints?

They are not always easy to hear and sometimes completely unfounded and irrational, but we take each complaint seriously and always strive to improve our business. We are realistic and understand we won’t please everyone, after all, perfect would be impossible, but we always make sure we do our best.


7. Tell us about some exciting things coming up at Dropzone.

We are planning on introducing another weekend Toddlezone soon – so look out for updates on this. And we have also been discussing the idea of introducing some exciting new equipment into Dropzone – so again, look out for future announcements of this!

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