Dropzone Safety Rules

Jumpers must follow at all times…
  1. All jumpers must sign a Waiver Form before jumping
  2. No lying down or sitting on trampolines
  3. Do not hold onto safety pads or netting
  4. Always be aware of other jumpers and give way to the smaller ones
  5. Always land on both feet or your seat
  6. Do not disturb others while bouncing
  7. Do not jump or land on padding
  8. Only single flips permitted
  9. Flipping across pads is not permitted
  10. No pushing, wrestling or racing on the trampolines
  11. Look out for other jumpers and give way to the smaller ones
  12. Pregnant women or people with health concerns are advised not to jump
  13. No head shots while playing dodgeball
  14. Do not kick the dodgeball
  15. Do not use mobile phones or cameras while on the trampolines
  16. Jumpers must remove jewellery, belt buckles and any sharp objects that might cause injury or tear the trampoline mats
  17. No beaded or studded clothing
  18. Pockets must be free from sharp objects.

    Thank you, Dropzone